Web Enabled Kernel Configuration Demo Program
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  • Are you tired of the tedious work of telneting into your test machine, starting vi or emacs to make a change to the linux kernel source, recompile and test it?
  • Are you tired of the kludgey ncurses based kernel configuration program that comes with the linux kernel source?
  • Can you imagine the source files, kernel configuration options and documentation all available through a convenient web interface? Finding that driver source file you worked on last week is as convenient as clicking Favorites on the menu bar.
  • What if all you needed on your linux kernel development machine was the compilers, the source code, some disk space and small program to web enable the process?
  • Imagine doing your kernel hacking from ANY web enabled device ANYWHERE ANYTIME?
  • How about managing dozens of kernel projects cleanly and simply from your favorite web browser?
  • This is too good to be true, you say? Read on..... The new era of Linux Kernel Configuration has begun....!

Mconfig is a tool to configure the linux kernel, similar to make {menu,x}
config, but written in C and with a proper yacc parser. This program 
is an http server "wrapper" around mconfig that makes kernel configuration,
development and building completely web enabled. Links to configuration options, 
source files, kernel documentation  and kernel driver information can be
managed from a web browser using hyper links.

Please note: this demo version only works with kernel source 2.4.xx or less - 
those that use config.in. It does not work with the Kconfig parser yet - 
making it work with  Kconfig will be the next step - if the community finds 
this concept useful.

To test it, download and untar a 2.4.xx source, then download and untar the mconfig demo 
into the root directory of the kernel source. Build mconfig by running make in the  mconfig 
root directory. You may not have to run configure but if gcc complains - 
do a full automake -a, configure and make. 
You might have to remove depcomp and run automake -a.

Then from the root of the source directory run the mconfig executable like:

mconfig-0.20/src/mconfig -p 8080

You can use any unassigned port number that you want.Then just point 
your brower to it like:

netscape http://localhost:8080
lynx http://localhost:8080

You can log in as root. You might have to create a default .config file
using the make menuconfig just to get the demo to work.

REMEMBER, this is a demo and as such could (and probably does)have security holes. 
It could also be a powerful hackers tool - in the wrong hands. 
You should be careful and test it on a stand alone machine in a closed
environment. DON'T make it Internet accessible unless you are sure you can
make it secure.

This  software is copylefted under the GNU Public License. Click on the link
at the bottom of this page for details!

Click on the links below to view static versions of the demo pages
or to download the source code tarballs. Email me if you have any
problems compiling and running the demo.
Demo Pages(double click to view):
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